2017 Update

Update on Current Status (Sept 2017):

  • Trails starting at Norawarren Drive are officially open and signed! Check them out!
  • Trails starting near Spryfield (trailheads on Mica Crescent and Alabaster Way) are being built. Upgrades to existing trails (portions of the informal “Fight Trail” network) in this area are underway. Signage is anticipated to be installed in this area by December 2017. An official ‘opening’ of trails in this area is expected for Dec 17.
  • In 2018, MRWA aims to connect the Norawarren trails to Spryfield with a singletrack trail ~5km long.
  • Later phases: More than 27 km of connected singletrack trails will be  built, linking Spryfield, Herring Cove, Fergusons Cove and the Herring Cove Lookoff.

To find out more about the current work on singletrack trails, read the latest “Singletrack Trail” Posts. 

What can YOU do?  Volunteer. And/or Donate to the Trails.

Are you a business or organization? Contact us for Trail Adoption and promotion opportunities! MRWA also leads special volunteer trail days for organizations and businesses, which are excellent team-building exercises. Let’s get outside!