2018/19 Update

2018/19 Update

2018-2019 Goal – Connect West Pine trail to Flat Lake trail

We’ve been working to connect the north and south ends of our trail system. This includes building two water crossings, one over Porcupine Creek and the other crossing the McIntosh Run River. Volunteer trail builders started the 2018 trail building season (spring) working on West Pine Trail from the Norawarren trailhead in Herring Cove. Throughout the spring and most of the summer volunteer build days were held weekly with great turnout. It was exciting to see the progress made each week as the trail inched (metered!) along.

We hired a trail crew!

With funding from Mountain Equipment Coop, MRWA was able to hire a full time trail crew that started early August 2018. The trail crew, working five days a week, has been plowing along making huge progress to connect the two ends of the trail network. The trail crew will continue building into the fall until the funds are exhausted or the snow flies (which ever happens first). Volunteer build days were on pause while organizers got the trail crew up and running but are expected to start up again soon, likely mid October.

Divide and Osprey Trails to officially open

Volunteers also finished up Divide trail off of Alabaster Way this spring. HRM officials inspected Divide and Osprey (also accessed from Alabaster Way) and were pleased with how they were built. Both trails will officially open after the trailhead signs are installed.

New signs and way finders

Trailhead signs are popping up at the Alabaster Way cul-de-sac, Mica Crescent (Spar), and Alabaster Way (Divide) trailheads. The trailhead signs, when complete, will have trail sponsor panels, the new trail system map, trail ratings, and other information for trail users.

We’re also adding navigation aids within the trail network. Trail junction signs have been installed in many places with trail names and ratings shown. We’ve been adding ‘blue dots’ along the trail in the open granite areas to help users find their way.

MRWA is pretty excited to connect the two ends of the trail network over the next year. A huge thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who are making it happen!