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Community Trail clean-up today is a go! (Dec 6/14)

The trail maintenance work on the Community Trail is on for today! The forecast is calling for the chance of showers this afternoon, nothing serious. If you do not have any trimming tools, please cmd anyway since we will be bringing extras, and hands are […]

Brush trimming event on the Community Trail, Dec 6.

Brush trimming event on the Community Trail, Dec 6.

A brush-trimming event on the McIntosh Run Community Trail will be held  Saturday Dec 6th, 1:00-3:00pm, meeting at the McIntosh Run bridge on Drysdale Road. There is parking at the Lion’s Rink (25 Drysdale Road, click for map). Please bring loppers and saws – no power tools please! […]

Update: Delay of start to singletrack construction

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for showing your support for the McIntosh Run Single Track Trails last month at our Open House! It is encouraging to see so many people excited to get working on the trails.

As mentioned at the meeting, we had hoped to be able to take advantage of this momentum to get started with work on the singletrack trails in November. This time estimate was based on MRWA receiving the final report by LEES and Associates by the end of October as was originally scheduled. This report is required to finalize landuse agreements with Halifax and the Department of
Resources. LEES has not yet submitted the draft report, but states it will do so in the first week of December. At that time, MRWA will do as rapid a review as possible. The finalized report will then go to Halifax and DNR for their final approvals. Both agencies know it is coming, which we hope will expedite their final approvals.

This delay is disappointing and we appreciate your patience. We will keep you posted.

Those of you who  self-identifed as being interested in becoming a “Trail Builder” will be contacted as we move ahead with that. We think it’s important to build trail-building capacity so we are ready to move when land use agreements are in place.

In the mean-time, you may be interested in the clearing and maintenance day on the Community Trail, on December 6. Check the website for more information.

Wondering why the Community Trail has not been completed through to Roach’s Pond?

Unfortunately, after Halifax had contracted with the McIntosh Run Watershed Association (MRWA) to complete the McIntosh Run Community Trail (in 2011), Halifax legal staff determined that there were land ownership issues regarding the portions of lands which are subject to an easement for Halifax Water. […]

Open House Follow-up

Open House Follow-up

MRWA estimates that over 150 people attended the Open House on October 15. Thanks to everyone!  We appreciate the lively feedback, suggestions, and strong enthusiasm to make the Singletrack Active trail happen as quickly as possible. Approximately 60 people signed up as trail volunteers at […]

Singletrack Trail Open House

The construction plan for Phase 1 of the McIntosh Run Singletrack Trail System will be presented in an Open House format on October 15, 2014.  Come to learn about the details of the plan and sign up to volunteer to help build the trail!

The drop-in Open House is 5-7pm, with a presentation and pubic Q&A session starting at 7pm.

Captain William Spry Community Centre

10 Kidston Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3R

Facebook event here:

2012 Public Consultation, Singletrack Trail

MRWA wants to thank everyone who attended the Public Consultation meeting for the proposed McIntosh Run single-track trail system, that was held Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 at the Captain William Spry Community Centre, 10 Kidston Rd, Halifax (street view) . The Concept Plan for the trail […]

Art in the Underpass

The McIntosh Run Community Trail and the McIntosh Run river pass beneath the Drysdale Road underpass.  The underpass was painted, using natural pigments and paints, by students from JL Ilsley High School in June 2012!

Older Updates and Events


Older Updates and Events

Below are summaries of events which were recorded on a previous version of MRWA’s website.

  • Oct 2012 – MRWA has contracted TrailFlow Outdoor Adventures to develop a Concept Plan for a human-powered single-track trail system on the HRM and DNR lands in the McIntosh Run watershed between Spryfield and Herring Cove. Ryan and Michelle of TrailFlow, based in Wolfville, have spent a month analyzing maps and exploring the area on foot, and we are really excited to see this coming together! Their training and experience in trail development are a huge asset to this longtime goal of a trail from Spryfield to Herring Cove. This has been made possible with a recreational facility planning grant from the NS Department of Health and Wellness for 50% of the cost.
  • We are now on Facebook:; you are invited to “Like” us on facebook.
  • Mileage markers created by students at JL Ilsley High School will be installed late summer 2012.
  • TRAIL PROGRESS! HRM has joined DNR in welcoming a detailed proposal for an active recreation trail between Spryfield and Herring Cove; the Department of Health & Wellness has agreed to fund the Trail Concept Plan; proposals for the Concept Plan job are due in 3 weeks. We’re moving forward!
  • Feb 2012 – Map of MacIntosh Run Association Community TrailsWe now have a new version of the MRW Community Trail map, and we are ready to install kiosk signs at River Road and Drysdale.
  • Signage – By the summer of 2012 the MRWA intends to install kiosk and information stands at various points along the trail.
  • Trails – We are hoping to finish Phase II of the McIntosh Run Community Trail late in 2012 (all the way out to the Roach’s Pond ball field). And to begin of active recreation trail in 2013.
  • June 2012: Annual River Cleanup with students from JL Ilsley High School
  • June 2012: Painting of the Drysdale Road underpass by students from JL Ilsley High School – photos
  • June 2012: Students from William King Elementary School released Brook Trout in Long Pond that they had raised from eggs at their school – photos
  • 2011 June 04 – Annual McIntosh Run Cleanup organized by students from J.L. Ilsley High School for the community.
  • 2011 March 31 – The 1st half of Phase II of the McIntosh Run Community Trail was completed.
  • 2010 June 05 – Annual McIntosh Run Cleanup. Organized by students from J.L. Ilsley High School. 50 people made the area clean.
  • 2010 May 19 – The AGM. Guest speaker Brian Kinsman gave a presentation on the Long Lake Provincial Park management plan and how it all relates to the McIntosh Run.
  • 2010 May 09 – 1st annual Mothers Day Stroll; invitation and photos.
  • 2009 Dec 12 – The McIntosh Run Watershed Association held the Grand Opening of the McIntosh Run Community Trail (Phase 1) on 12th December 2009, 1-3pm. Fifty people attended the event despite the storm-force winds and frigid temperature! We met at the north end of River Road in Spryfield, listened to a few short speeches, went for a walk, drank some coffee, ate some cookies and admired the river, the aorta of Spryfield. Phase 1 is about 1.2 km long. This used to be a really rough service-road for the sewer pipeline. Planned trail system and map.
  • 2009 Nov – Phase I of the McIntosh Run Community Trail was completed at the end of November.

McIntosh Run Community Trail A Reality

If you have been on the old pipeline road between the River Road footbridge and the extension of Bridget Avenue in the past few weeks you probably witnessed quite a bit of activity for the construction of Phase 1 of the McIntosh Run Community Trail. […]