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You’ve got options!
1. Donate online through Nova Scotia Trails, get a tax receipt. Select “McIntosh Run Watershed Association” from the “Fund” drop-down menu.
MRWA is a Registered Non-Profit Society, which means we can’t issue tax-refund receipts directly. MRWA has partnered with Nova Scotia Trails (NST), a Registered Charity, so that donors can get a tax-refund receipt. NST takes an administration fee of 10% which is used to promote more trails in Nova Scotia. If you’d like to get a tax receipt for your donation, please donate here: Select MRWA from the “Fund” drop-down menu.
2. Donate via PayPal (by credit card) right here. The PayPal administration fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. This option does not provide a tax receipt.
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3. Send an old-fashioned cheque to the MRWA Treasurer. No administration fee, no tax receipt.
McIntosh Run Watershed Association
c/o Geoffrey Kenny
16 Princeton Ave.
Halifax  B3R 1Z9
4. If you want to donate more than $1000 and get a tax receipt, please contact us directly. Nova Scotia Trails will charge a flat administration fee of $100 for all donations above $1000, but you’ll need to send a cheque instead of using the online donation tool. Please email:
5. We welcome in-kind contributions of materials, tools and labour! Please contact us directly: