Trail Tags

MRWA 2019 Trail Pass, front/rear

Why buy a Trail Supporter Tag?

Building and maintaining sustainable trails takes effort and materials, beyond what volunteers alone can do. On average it takes 1-3 person-hours of labour per metre to build a durable, well-drained singletrack trail in the Watershed.

Purchasing a Trail Supporter tag is a way for local and visiting trail users to show support. 100% of your payment goes to purchasing materials and hiring trailbuilders to work on the trails!

MRWA also currently is calling for donations and sponsors to build the Watershed Route. We hope you’ll consider that too.

Where do I get my Supporter Tag?

You can purchase your McIntosh Run Trail Supporter tag at the following local businesses! A tag is $25.

Please email MRWA to add your business to this list.

What do I get for $25?

  • A tearproof, waterproof tag that you can hang off a zipper, bike, or hydration pack.
  • Local trails. 100% of your payment goes to the trails!
  • You help support MRWA’s efforts at working with public and private landowners to maintain and extend a sustainable trail network. The trails are a way of developing stewardship for the Watershed in it’s natural state.

Is a Tag required to use the trails?

No, the trails are free to use. The tags are a way to show your support for building and maintaining the trails.

Thank you to Cyclesmith for producing the tags, so 100% of purchase price goes to the trails!