2012 Public Consultation, Singletrack Trail

MRWA wants to thank everyone who attended the Public Consultation meeting for the proposed McIntosh Run single-track trail system, that was held Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 at the Captain William Spry Community Centre, 10 Kidston Rd, Halifax (street view) .

The Concept Plan for the trail system was presented at the meeting. An overview of the plan is shown on the map below, and involves approximately 25km of phased trails on public lands (HRM and DNR). In general, the trails would be 30–70cm wide, built using natural local material, and designed for human-powered users including hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. This plan would mean trails, in a near-wilderness setting, between Spryfield, Herring Cove, Fergusons Cove, and points between. There are also shorter loops, mostly near trail heads. We’re excited!

It’s important to note that this is a Concept Plan only, developed by MRWA and Trailflow (a professional trail planning company). The Consultation Meeting was an opportunity for the community as a whole to voice support for the overall vision of a trail system in this area. DNR and HRM will only allow the project to proceed if the vision is strongly supported. MRWA is also looking for specific feedback on the current Plan. What types of singletrack trails would you like to see and use? Are there other trail locations or access points that are important? Would you like to contribute volunteer labour or other help?

MRWA’s primary mandate is to preserve the ecological integrity of the river’s watershed; MRWA believes that low-impact trails, which lead more people to use and value this land in it’s present natural state, is the the best way to develop stewardship and protect this beautiful landscape in coming decades.

Map of MacIntosh Run Association Community Trails