Update: Delay of start to singletrack construction

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for showing your support for the McIntosh Run Single Track Trails last month at our Open House! It is encouraging to see so many people excited to get working on the trails.

As mentioned at the meeting, we had hoped to be able to take advantage of this momentum to get started with work on the singletrack trails in November. This time estimate was based on MRWA receiving the final report by LEES and Associates by the end of October as was originally scheduled. This report is required to finalize landuse agreements with Halifax and the Department of
Resources. LEES has not yet submitted the draft report, but states it will do so in the first week of December. At that time, MRWA will do as rapid a review as possible. The finalized report will then go to Halifax and DNR for their final approvals. Both agencies know it is coming, which we hope will expedite their final approvals.

This delay is disappointing and we appreciate your patience. We will keep you posted.

Those of you who  self-identifed as being interested in becoming a “Trail Builder” will be contacted as we move ahead with that. We think it’s important to build trail-building capacity so we are ready to move when land use agreements are in place.

In the mean-time, you may be interested in the clearing and maintenance day on the Community Trail, on December 6. Check the website for more information.