Wondering why the Community Trail has not been completed through to Roach’s Pond?

Unfortunately, after Halifax had contracted with the McIntosh Run Watershed Association (MRWA) to complete the McIntosh Run Community Trail (in 2011), Halifax legal staff determined that there were land ownership issues regarding the portions of lands which are subject to an easement for Halifax Water.

Because of this, MRWA was not, and still is not, in a position to construct and manage a trail over the southern portion of the land at the Roach’s pond end of the MRWA Community Trail.

MRWA understands that the current owner of the surrounding lands (Vanguard Developments) and the City of Halifax may be in ongoing discussions about appropriate ways to creatively and successfully resolve a variety of issues related to the easement and the completion of the Trail.

MRWA anticipates that at some future point in time the full length of the McIntosh Run Community Trail will be completed, but MRWA is not in a position to say when this might occur.