Trail building evenings – Monday & Wednesday Aug 28 & 30 – 4:30pm

Building a new Fight Trail entrance.. Session 2! 

This week we’ll build a new, sustainable entrance trail to the existing Fight Trail System. Sessions are Monday and Wednesday evening.
We’re shifting our focus to this area, as the ‘old’ entrance trail is having houses built across it.

The new route has lots of smooth, flowing granite and provides views across granite barrens to the ocean and downtown Halifax skyline.
On the menu is grubbing, gathering rocks, placing rocks, and cleanup. Bring workgloves and, if you have ’em, a good pulaski or shovel. MRWA’s tools are being sharpened in preparation for these sessions (sharp tools –whoohoo!), and those will be available too.

Meet at the back of the grassy park parcel on Mica Crescent (see map). We’ll start at 4:30, but come when you can and stay for as long as you like. We’ll be working within sight of the trail head, so you’ll find us easily.

See you out there!