Event volunteers wanted!

MRWA is planning a fundraising event to support the McIntosh Run Singletrack Trails project this fall and we need your help. We will be organising a night of music, socialising, and a silent auction. If you’re trying to get more involved in your community and looking for a fun opportunity to help out a positive organisation, we are looking for volunteers to take on the following roles:

  1. Members of the Event Organising Committee: help bounce ideas off and help planning the event.  Brainstorm!  For the most part this will be a “virtual” committee and we will communicate via email for the most part.
  2. Volunteer Prize Gatherers and Organisers: Gathering and keeping track of silent auction items.
  3. Sponsorship Chair:  We are looking for someone to recruit sponsors for the event.
  4. Bar tenders:  We need a few volunteer bartenders to help “sling drinks” on the night of the event.
  5. An Audio Visual specialist: – We need someone to help with AV (audio visual) to perhaps set up a screen or on the wall, to run photos of the MRWA park and the trail building and riding / hiking / running.
  6. Muscle:  The night of the event we’ll need volunteers to help lug booze and beer and ice and snack food and munchies and then set up the bar and venue.

If you are interested in helping out please email mrwa.volunteers@gmail.com