Halifax C&D Recycling supports McIntosh Run Singletrack Trails

Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd kicked off a new initiative to recycle bicycle tires and tubes with a donation to the McIntosh Run Singletrack Trails. Thank you Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd!
You can read full details of the project in their press release below:


Halifax, May 28, 2018
Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd., in co-operation with Nova Scotia bicycle shops, will keep used bicycle tires and tubes out of the province’s landfill sites.
Tires and tubes can be dropped off for free at participating bicycle shops across the province for collection by Halifax C&D, which will process them into crumb rubber.
The company, Nova Scotia’s largest construction and demolition recycler and the province’s only tire recycling company, will fund the program without government involvement.
“We’ve been looking at bicycle tires for two years and we feel the timing is right for us,” said company vice president Mike Chassie. “No tire collected by us will be landfilled or burned.”
The bicycle tires will be processed locally into a clean crumb rubber. Among the markets for the product is the equestrian community, which uses the material to create a safer and more comfortable riding surface.
Cyclesmith, on Agricola St. in Halifax, is Nova Scotia’s largest bicycle shop, and the first retailer to participate in the program. The shop has already been collecting tires and tubes.
“We are very excited to work with another local small business on this wonderful initiative,” said Andrew Feenstra, Owner of Cyclesmith. “Cyclists tend to be more aware of their environment, and to be able to recycle used bicycle tires and tubes is a great thing. Keeping it local and in Nova Scotia is even a bigger bonus.”
Any fluff or fibre produced during the processing will be incorporated in the Halifax C&D’s industrial plastic lumber products.
“Our goal is zero waste,” said Chassie. “This is another example of how recycling creates jobs. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the economy.”
Halifax C&D’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end at recycling. They have been working with many organizations helping make better communities.
Halifax C&D will donate $1,000 of anticipated revenue to the McIntosh Run Watershed Association, an organization committed to further conservation and community stewardship of the McInstosh Run Watershed and sustainable public access. The donation will help build and maintain the single-track trails in the watershed.
Chassie said the bicycle project is the starting point of an effort to keep more recyclable materials out of landfills and in the economy.