In the works: Wood-burned sign project with J.L. Isley!

Chelsey Harrington, a Dalhousie student studying in  College of Sustainability, is working on an outdoor education experience for the MRWA trail system.

Through a partnership with the local high school, J.L. Ilsley, beautiful wood burned signs have been created over the years for use on the trails.

Chelsey is developing a creative way to have people engage with the signs and the surrounding watershed. “There are so many beautiful signs!” Chelsey says, “With this project, I plan on adding  numbers to each of the signs that people on the trail can put into our website and get a prompt or activity to do in nature. The goal through this project is to encourage people of all ages to go outside and explore the new trails, but also to explore their creative side! I find that I am most creative in nature and I wanted to find a way for folks to get outside and find their creativity while exploring the great outdoors. This project will encourage trail users to share their art work, poems, writings, and photos to the website to feature and encourage others to go out on the trails as well! I believe that this will aid in the younger generations to use technology in a positive way, that engages with the natural environment!”

Look for updates about the project on the MRWA website and the trail system.