Singletrack use during Covid-19 crisis. 20 March.

22 March update: The province has closed all Provincial Parks and trails. We are seeking clarification on what this means for the McIntosh Run trails, which are on HRM Park and provincial Crown land.

To our trail user community:

We know many of you are struggling with how to proceed given the evolving COVID-19 situation. We also know the trails can be a great place to recharge with fresh air and exercise.

In Nova Scotia we are currently permitted to use the trails while maintaining appropriate distancing. The situation is evolving quickly. Please continue to monitor the policies set by our local public health officials.

We all need to work together to protect our collective health. Make cautious choices when you are on the trails. We need to preserve the capacity of our health services and staff by minimizing injuries from recreational activities. Now is not the time to push your limits.

Remember that, while you and your friends might feel great, COVID-19 can be carried and transmitted by people without symptoms. Do not ride, run or hike in large groups. Persons travelling in small groups must keep a safe distance apart.

While it’s important to keep your distance when you meet on the trails, also remember to smile and say hi! A little “high-fiving” (from a distance, of course) lifts everyone’s spirits. Let’s celebrate our amazing opportunities to be on the trails in a wondrous landscape.

We have removed the “Hike-and-Seek” prompts to eliminate this opportunity for repeat-touching. They will be refreshed with prompts for summer when appropriate.

We’re still here to maintain the trails and ‘speak’ for the river. As always, please notify us of any trail hazards and we’ll address them as soon as we can. Likewise, if you have concerns regarding the river or watershed, please reach out.

McIntosh Run Watershed Association
Board of Directors and the Trail Committee