New Canadians Hike series in 2020

There are few things better than seeing people who are new to Halifax (and Canada) excited about exploring the river, watershed and trails!

In 2020, MRWA partnered with ISANS to organize a New Canadians Hike Series. Five events were held between September and January, with the last event on snowshoes. 65 people participated. Each hike was targeted to provide a different type of experience, from short Hike-n-Seek’s for the nature prompts near the Norawarren trailhead, to a 2hour hike in the granite areas off Spar trail which included navigation and the use of Trailforks. Through it all, there was lots of laughs and enthusiasm.

All hikes were led by Taylor Corrie, MRWA trail crew member extraordinaire, and ISANS. Mountain Equipment Coop supported the hike, including prizes of sweet socks for attendees.

Thanks for coming everyone, and see you out there again!