Trail Survey! Win Prizes!

Trail Survey! Win Prizes!

MRWA needs YOUR feedback on the singletrack trails!

We want to understand who uses the trails, and what they mean to you! Your input is also needed to set priorities for managing and building new trails in Phase 2 of the McIntosh trail project.

Phase 1 is complete. Under Phase 1 (started in 2016), 17km of new trail has been built and roughly 6km of older trail adopted from fishing footpaths, historical wagon road, and the unsanctioned ‘fight’ system. Private land was converted into Halifax Parkland and now holds sanctioned trails. Phase 1 was completed through 11,000+ hours of volunteer labour and planning, with contributions by hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, conservationists, Scout troops, many local businesses and others. Provincial and municipal government supported the project through land access and funding. Halifax municipality is increasing parking at HRM parkland trailheads.

The number of users has skyrocketed. Mountain bike rides have increased nearly 2000% since 2016 (!!) and McIntosh is now the most used trail system in Atlantic Canada (Trailforks data). The project has been similarly successful for hikers and runners, who are in similar numbers to mountain bikers especially for trails near trailheads.

MRWA is planning a Phase 2. This plan will connect more neighbourhoods with singletrack, add trails of varying difficulty, close loops, bring you to more scenic viewpoints, and refresh canoe portages. We also want to minimize the environmental effects and user conflicts that can come with more trail traffic.

Please help by filling out this survey. Your response helps show if Phase 2 is needed, and can help MRWA justify land access and funding proposals. You also shape priorities in Phase 2, so they reflect the interests of the community and the watershed.

This survey is for locals AND visitors. Some questions focus on the positive economic impacts of the trails, which now attract many people from outside Halifax.

Respondents are eligible for prizes drawn on the dates below. Filling out the survey early means you are eligible for more prizes. Only Canadian residents are eligible for prizes. The survey closes November 11.



Oct 14 (supported by Cyclesmith)

  • Tumbler, Trek. Ride Bikes, Have Fun, Feel Good (32.99), Muc-Off Dry Shower (17.99), Sven Can See Anti-Fog Spray (13.99)

Oct 21 (supported by Cyclesmith)

  • Atlantic Tick Kit (19.99), Atlantic Lava Band/Collar (26.99), Sport Suds, Laundry Detergent (59.99)

Oct 28 (supported by Nomad Supply)

  • Skincare Paceline Chamois Butt’r (26.99), Dirt Care Cyclean bike cleaner, 1L (19.95), Dirt Care Dry Chain Lube, 120ml (14.95), Salomon buffs (2 of ’em) (25$)

Nov 10 (supported by Nomad Supply)

Two draws:

  • Thule Uptake 4L hydration pack (99.99)
  • Salomon XT 10 daypack (120.00)

A glimpse of Phase 1

Granitude trail, 2021. Rider Adam Purcell. Video Kodiak Trailworks. Thanks guys!
Duck ‘N Run is October
Atlantic mist on The Attic
Trail work
Grubbing out the line / Duck N Run
Clark Kent boardwalk. Thanks to Ducks Unlimited Atlantic for material support.
The ledge on West Pine trail.