New trailhead map wins award, featured in calendar!

There’s good news about the new trail maps, which were announced and installed in Fall 2021…

The new trailhead map won in a highly competitive map contest, and is featured in a calendar! This in from Darren Talbot, the volunteer who produced the maps:

The GIS/mapping software I use is developed by ESRI, out of California, who have have a Canada office and serve a huge GIS community in Canada. 
Each year ESRI Canada puts out a calendar, created from the maps submitted by municipalities, GIS firms, and individuals across Canada via a contest that runs from July to mid-August. It was good timing as we’d just finalized the Trailhead and waypoint maps, so I sent them in to the calendar contest and it was one of the 15 maps chosen to be in the 2022 calendar!

Here’s the link to the announcement from ESRI, along with the list of maps that will appear in the calendar. The MRWA map will be May 2022. 
Maps selected for the 2022 Esri Canada Map Calendar

Thanks go to Darren for all his work on this (he’s a pro!), and to boardmember L. Plug for collaborating and field data collection. Darren lives in central Spryfield, and you might see Darren and his wife Pam on the trails.