Board of Directors

Since 1994, the MRWA has been a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  MRWA thanks all of its past and current Directors for their leadership and commitment. The directors of the MRWA are responsible for planning for the future of the organization, as well as managing regular activities. Each director has a duty to act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the MRWA’s bylaws and best interests.

Alice Morgan, President (Fergusons Cove)  Alice Morgan is a conservationist, mother, hiker, and biker who lives in Fergusons Cove. Alice brings over 10 years of experience working  in conservation and environmental advocacy in Nova Scotia. She joined the board of the McIntosh Run Watershed Association in 2016 as a way to help steward the diverse ecosystem in her backyard. Alice is inspired by the inclusive and positive approach undertaken by MRWA.

Kaarin Tae, Vice-President (Herring Cove)  I have enjoyed exploring wild places on trails my whole life and now I am happy to be building trails in the McIntosh Run watershed to share this wild place with others. Soft forests, spongy bogs and stunning barrens surround the ponds, pools and riffles of the river that flows in the back yard of Halifax. I love hiking and mountain biking, I studied plant ecology, and I’ve had the privilege of being the President of MRWA from 2009-2018. It’s a great group of dedicated people.

Geoffrey Kenny, Treasurer (Green Acres)

Liz Spence, Secretary (Green Acres)  Liz Spence works in the field of environmental education. She moved to the area of Green Acres in 2015 and joined MRWA to learn more about the area, as well as contribute to the community and stewardship of the watershed. Liz enjoys exploring the watershed by foot or bicycle, and sharing the area with others.

Dick Evans, Director (Jollimore) MRWA Board member from maybe 2011 to present. Retired law professor from Dalhousie Law School (1975 – 2008). Served as Executive Director of Dalhousie Legal Aid and as a ‘Faculty Lawyer’ at Dalhousie Legal Aid for periods of time between 1975 and 2008. Served on Oxfam Canada’s National Board from 1999 – 2010 and as Board Chair and member of Oxfam International’s Board from 2002 to 2007. Hiked Hadrian’s Wall in 2011

Lawrence Plug, Director (Herring Cove)  I live in the watershed and have spent many hours near the Run on my mountain bike and on foot, with my family, dog, and friends.  I joined the MRWA board because I support the vision of conservation combined with public access through active recreation. I bring more than 25 years of experience as a geologist and physical geographer to MRWA. Most of my day-to-day MRWA work is done in connection with the singletrack trails.

Kathryn Harley Haynes, Director (Fergusons Cove) A retired journalist, broadcaster and communications consultant, Kathryn has always been a keen hiker and student of nature. When she’s not painting (another lifelong interest), you can often find her exploring the McIntosh Run Watershed area. She joined MRWA because of its dedication to the stewardship of this natural treasure.

Bruce Lusby, Director (Springvale/Fairmont) I feel that we are so fortunate to have the Mcintosh Run Watershed area at our door step.  So thankful to those who have led the charge to steward the watershed and work with the various levels of government to get the trail network approved and plan for its growth.  The McIntosh Run Watershed is an absolute gem and adds so much to our city. Being in the woods is my happy place.  I like to hike, however I LOVE to mountain bike!  The McIntosh Run trails are a first in our region, making mountain biking accessible to all with trails for ALL skill levels from beginner to expert.  The landscape surrounding the McIntosh Run is so beautifully unique!  Being on the MRWA board is such a privilege.  I truly feel that in a small way I’m making the world a better place.  When I’m not hanging out with my family (Heidi, Cameron, and Megan) or mountain biking I’m working as an Independent Mortgage Broker.

Peter Dodge, Director (Williams Lake) A retired engineer and global program manager, I have enjoyed the benefits of living near the watershed since my return to Nova Scotia in 2011. A regular hiker and volunteer trail builder, I joined MRWA because of its commitment to providing public access along with strong stewardship of this unique wilderness area.

Andrew Warkenton, Director (Armdale) I’m a Mechanical Engineering Professor Dalhousie University.  In 2016, I found out about the great work that MRWA has been doing preserving the watershed and all the creatures living in it by promoting it as a community resource and making it more accessible to the public.  Immediately, decided to learn how to mountain bike and have spent countless hours exploring the watershed on foot and by bike. I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back to the local community by helping to maintain and grow the trail network and by serving on MRWA’s board of directors.