Trails Committee

The members of the MRWA Trails Committee are responsible for planning for the future of the McIntosh Run trail system, and for day-to-day decisions on trail maintenance and construction. The Trails Committee reports to the MRWA Board of Directors.  Each member of the Trails Committee has a duty to act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the MRWA, the Watershed, landowners, and the trails.

Lawrence Plug Chair (Herring Cove)  I’ve benefited from wild places and trails all my life –from walking through the woods to school, to backpacking and climbing, to riding my mountain bike. I want more people to have that opportunity.  I’m a professor at Dalhousie in Earth and Environmental Science and in the College of Sustainability. In the past I worked in forestry and landscaping. Singletrack combines many things that interest me: dirt, water, rock, land conservation, and human well-being. Mix in sweat, good times, cooperation with great people — it’s awesome!

Alice Morgan (Fergusons Cove) Alice Morgan is a conservationist, mother, hiker, and biker who lives in Fergusons Cove. Alice brings over 10 years of experience working  in conservation and environmental advocacy in Nova Scotia. She’s a member of the MRWA Board, and became a member of the MRWA Trails Committee to help create sustainable outdoor recreation infrastructure for her family and community to enjoy for years to come. Alice believes spending time in wild spaces is important for our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Russ Deveau (Dartmouth) Since I retired 7 years ago, I took up mountain biking. It keeps me in shape, plus I meet like-minded people. I was looking for a way to give back to the community, and took the MRWA/BNS  trail building course at the start of the singletrack project. Since then I have been out at least once a week building trails and leading volunteers.  As sanctioned trails, I know our trails will be there for a long time and be enjoyed by many people. I credit mountain biking and building trails for keeping me young.

Mark Gentile (Spryfield – Kidston Estates) I’ve been riding bikes for as long as I can remember, and my favorite place to ride is straight into the woods. When I discovered that there was a group of dedicated volunteers that wanted to make my local trail network even better, I jumped at the chance to get on board. Now that I have two sons who love bikes every bit as much as I do, creating these trails has taken on an entirely new meaning. I take pride in seeing the smile on their faces and those of others using this amazing natural resource.

Kaarin Tae  (Herring Cove) I have enjoyed exploring wild places on trails my whole life and now I am happy to be building trails in the McIntosh Run watershed to share this wild place with others. Soft forests, spongy bogs and stunning barrens surround the ponds, pools and riffles of the river that flows in the back yard of Halifax. I love hiking and mountain biking, I studied plant ecology, and I’ve had the privilege of being the President of MRWA since about 2009. It’s a great group of dedicated people.

Dick Evans (Jollimore) After more than thirty years of association with Dalhousie Legal Aid Service and Dalhousie Law School, and more than ten years of volunteer work with Oxfam Canada’s national Board of Directors, I was looking for a fulfilling way to become more involved with my local community. Rewarding hikes on the East Coast Trail In Newfoundland and Hadrian’s Wall Walk in England led me to become involved with MRWA and its volunteer Board of Directors. While there have been lots of challenges and hurdles in bringing into being MRWA’s single track trail system, there is now great satisfaction in seeing the trail develop with gobs of good willed volunteer effort.

Chuck Sutton (Halifax Peninsula) From my earliest memories, the events that have stood out for me in my life have occurred in the outdoors. Being in the natural environment has offered me the opportunity for exploration of both my surroundings and myself. As a father of three children and an educator of countless others, having the opportunity to provide others with a place for such exploration has become increasingly important. The McIntosh Run Watershed Association’s commitment to both appreciation for the natural environment as well as opportunities for recreation within it, has made this organization a natural fit for me. The welcoming and collaborative nature of the MRWA team has also made it a community of which I am grateful to be a part.

Kim Dodge (Spryfield / Jollimore)

Susan Antoft (Governors Brook)

Keith Croucher (Dartmouth)