Help us create a species database for the McIntosh Run

The McIntosh Run Watershed Biodiversity Project aims to engage the public to create a record of the species living within the watershed. We want to document the biodiversity within the watershed through citizen science using iNaturalist.

We need your help!

  1. Create an account through the iNaturalist app on your phone or home computer.
  2. Get out into the watershed and record species sightings
  3. Share your records with the McIntosh Run Biodiversity Project 

The project aims to engage MRWA members, partners, and the general public to create a record of plants, animals, birds, reptiles, bugs, moss, fungus, and lichen living within the watershed. MRWA will use this record to:

  • find out with whom we share the watershed  
  • document rare and unusual species
  • plan our trail network and activities with consideration for the species who live here, and
  • promote the stewardship and conservation of the McIntosh Run Watershed.