Singletrack Trail

The MRWA builds and maintains a singletrack trail system for mountain biking, trail running, hiking and snowshoeing in the Watershed.


A network of sustainable singletrack trails which enhances stewardship of the Watershed, preserves integrity of the Watershed’s natural values, and provides benefits for nonmotorized trail users, the community, and visitors.

Guiding Principles:

  • Environmental stewardship of the watershed
  • High-quality, sustainable trails that provide memorable experiences for residents and visitors
  • Respect for First Nations traditional territory and land uses
  • Respect and understanding between diverse nonmotorized trail users
  • Partnerships and collaboration with land owners, other associations, and businesses
  • Benefits for residents of adjacent communities, greater Halifax, and visitors.

Planning and day-to-day decisions for singletrack trails are made by the MRWA Trails Committee. All volunteer trailbuilding occurs under supervision of a MRWA Builder, and to standards of Whistler Trail Guidelines , the International Mountain Bike Association, and NS-DNR trail and bridge standards, depending on the landowner.

Trails are approved under land use agreements with the landowners — the city of Halifax and provincial Crown land managed by NS-DNR.  You can review the planning and consultation process that got us to this point.

What can YOU do?

Volunteer and/or  Donate to the Trails.

Are you a business or organization? Contact us for Trail Adoption and promotion opportunities! MRWA also leads special volunteer trail days for organizations and businesses which are excellent team-building exercises. Let’s get outside!

Trail system plan and current status. Blue: Built trails (those in NW are undergoing updates) Red: New trails being built in Fall 2017 Orange: Not built, but approved by landowners under current agreements. To be built in 2018- on. Light Gray: Later phase concepts.