2020 Trail Tags

Building and maintaining trails takes effort and materials. On average it takes 1 to 3 person-hours of labour per metre to build a durable, well-drained singletrack trail in the Watershed. 100% of your Trail Tag payment goes to trails: purchasing materials, tools, and paying trailbuilders for the projects volunteers alone can’t do.

Where do I get my Supporter Tag?

You can purchase your McIntosh Run Trail Supporter tag at the following local businesses! A tag is $25.

Please email MRWA to add your business to this list.

What do I get for $25?

  • A tearproof, waterproof tag that you can hang off a zipper, bike, or hydration pack.
  • Local trails. 100% of your payment goes to the trails!
  • The trails are a way of developing stewardship for the Watershed in it’s natural state, and protecting this valuable wild area.

Is a Tag required to use the trails?

No, the trails are free to use. The tags are a way to show your support for building and maintaining the trails.

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