The Community Trail provides a peaceful walking and cycling route along the river, on a mostly flat, 3-4m wide gravel and crusher-dust trail. It connects central Spryfield to JL Ilsley Highschool, the Lion’s Rink, all the way to Roachs Pond. 

The Community Trail was originally built and maintained by MRWA but is now under management of Halifax Regional Municipality.  MRWA  and JL Ilsley Highschool have held clean-up days of the river and Community Trail for many years.

The Community Trail connects to Governors Brook subdivision via a pedestrian/bike trail bridge link. This is a popular way to access the MRWA Singletrack Trails from Lions Rink trail parking.

For an up-to-date, clickable map of the Community Trail and the Singletrack, check our online Trail Maps. The independent Halifax Trails website has an excellent description of the Community Trail and videos of the experience along the Run.