The Community Trail provides a peaceful walking and cycling route on a mostly flat, 3-4m wide trail.

The Community Trail starts at Learning Lane/Levis Street in Spryfield, crosses the Run, and  follows the south side of the McIntosh Run for 1.5km.  The trail surface here is a mix of crusher-dust and asphalt.  The trail then continues another 1 km to Roach’s Pond, with a rougher surface of gravel and larger stones. (MRWA presently cannot upgrade the last 1km owing to easement issues between HRM and the landowner. Read more here.)

In addition to the start and finish points, the trail can be accessed midway at River Road, Drysdale Road, and via a pedestrian and bike bridge to the Governors Brook subdivision.

In partnership with the JL Isley High School, MRWA holds an annual Run clean-up day along the Community Trail.

For an up-to-date, clickable map of the Community Trail (and other MRWA trails), check our online Trail Maps. Halifax Trails has an excellent description of the Community Trail and videos of the experience along the Run.