Thank you for considering to spend your time supporting the McIntosh Run Watershed! MRWA is always open to new volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the following:

McIntosh Run Community Trail – The Community Trail is a wide gravel trail along the McIntosh Run in Spryfield. We need help at various levels of commitment, from litter cleanup and patrol after big storms, to managing the process of making the formal connection to Roach’s Pond. If you are a passionate user of the Community Trail and want to get involved please email us. We would be grateful for your help at whatever level is right for you.
Water Quality – We are looking for someone with expertise in monitoring water quality to work with us either as issues emerge, or to initiate an ongoing water quality monitoring program. Please send us an email if you are interested.
Team Trail Work Days – We have hosted various groups for trail work days, including businesses, trail user groups, Scouts and other community groups. If you would like to discuss this possibility with us, please send us an email.
Volunteer Trail Sessions – Our volunteer trail work days are currently limited to small groups due to Covid-19 restrictions on group size, physical distancing and sharing of tools. The small groups you see working on the trails are adhering to these restrictions in order to help contain the spread of the virus in Nova Scotia. Please sign up for our Trail Volunteers email list below and when we can manage bigger groups you will hear from us again!

Sign up for the Trail Volunteers mailing list here:

Our events and meetings are usually posted on our calendar.